The weekend

This past weekend we headed down south to Brockton. Saturday we had my niece and nephew's birthday party then sunday my family went to a memorial mass to honor my great grandparents, then to our traditional breakfast with my whole family. It was nice seeing everyone again. After breakfast we went to my nephew Matt's midget football game. It was a great weekend.
The Birthday party

At the football game. My nieces... from the left, Maggie, Katie, Kerrin and Molly

Henry and his Uncle Michael and Uncle Thomas in the backround

I had to post this picture....One of Matt's team-mate's (he has a mustache and he's only 13!!!!! Isn't that funny!!!!!

My niece Katie

My niece Maggie

Henry loves to pose for pictures!!!!


Cassandra said...

Your nieces are so cute! I love all of their names.

Mary said...

Kara, what great pictures of your family, what a great looking group of kids. Henry fits right in with the good looking part. :) Look at that smile he has, like, "hey, I like what I'm doing, do you?" :)