There she blows!!!!!!

At just about 37 weeks and I am sooooo huge. I can't wait to get this baby out!

Chocolate Coconut Charlotte

I made this delicious dessert for Thanksgiving. I got this recipe from decembers Martha Stewart Magazine. It is a chocolate custard and coconut custard with chocolate ladyfingers that I piped along with chocolate rounds made with the ladyfinger batter. I layered the custards and the cake rounds and topped it with fresh whipped cream.


Weekend with Hank and Mary Tait

This past weekend Hank and Mary came to visit us. It was a perfect weekend.

Dinner at Dick's Last Resort



I thought it might be fun to have a contest on who can guess the weight (or closest to the weight) of our baby boy.
Whoever wins will get a really cool prize! It will be worth the time to comment! All you have to do is leave a comment below!
Good luck!


Croup is crap.

Henry woke up around 2 a.m. coughing hard, breathing hard and feverish: 104. He also vomited. Not knowing what to do, we went to the professionals at Caritas Hospital in Brockton. It was a long night. We did not leave until 8:15 and he was awake for the whole thing. He has croup. They gave him steroids and a nebulizer. Hopefully he's better by the time his Grandma Mary and Papa Hank visit from Michigan on Saturday.

Croup is a group of respiratory diseases that often affect infants and children under age 6. It is characterized by a barking cough; a whistling, obstructive sound (stridor) as the child breathes in; and hoarseness due to obstruction in the region of the larynx. It may be mild, moderate or severe, and severe cases, with breathing difficulty, can be fatal if not treated in a hospital.

About 5 a.m waiting to be seen after being there for 3 hours already. Poor little sick boy.
Henry had to wear my t-shirt because he spit up his medicine all over his clothes.
Content on Daddy's lap playing with his fish.
Trying to fall asleep on mommy.
Nebulizer treatment



Happy Veterans Day to all who have served in our Military!
I am proud to say that I married a Veteran. I love you Jason. Enjoy your day!


Sunday evening project

This is a camera case I made for my new camera. I think next time I will make the flower smaller.
Jason my hand model. His iphone even fits in the case.
holder for my phone


My boy is growing up!

Henry has been doing so great potty training! He loves to get a treat when he pee pees in the toilet and I even let him wear big boy underpants around the house!

This is fun

Kara Mary Tait.
I am: a wife and mother
I think: I’ll stay in my pajamas all day today.
I know: I am loved.
I have: the most precious son and loving husband in the whole world.
I wish: I could fly.
I hate: abortion.
I miss: Loren.
I fear: the unknown.
I hear: Henry blabbing watching Finding Nemo.
I smell: pumpkin candle.
I crave: pretty much everything right now....
I search: for the truth.
I wonder: what our new baby will look like.
I regret: nothing.
I love: Jesus.
I ache: because I have a human growing in my belly laying on all types or organs and such.
I am not: going to eat anymore Halloween candy.
I believe: In God
I dance: like I know what I'm doing.
I sing: horribly.
I cry: often.
I fight: with myself to keep my house clean. 
I win: at being the boss. (haha, Jason!)
I lose: Henry's shoes all the time.
I never: want to hurt people.
I always: brush my teeth.
I confuse: easily.
I listen: very well.
I can usually be found: at my home.
I am scared: the devil.
I need: some sleep.
I am happy about: Life.
I imagine: that someday I'll be an old lady, still madly in love with my husband.



Haunted House Cake

For the past three days I have been working on a haunted house cake that I made for my brother Anthony and sister-in-law Lisa's halloween party saturday night. I got the idea from (of course, Martha Stewart). It was in her October magazine issue. The house, tree, and grave stones were made out of a cookie recipe, the stain glass windows were made out of sugar and water boiled then poured into the window then it hardened into candy, the shingles were sunflower seeds (it took me 1 hour and 45 minutes to do) the stairs were made out of cut up brownies, I also used black licorice for the window decor and spires for the roof trim. The cake is two layers, bottom layer was a chocolate devil's food cake and top was a yellow cake. The whole thing was frosted with a chocolate butter cream. It was delicious to eat and a lot of fun and heartache making and putting it all together.

The house lit up!! It was really cool in person.

This is a picture of the rolled out cookie dough and the stencil for the house.
The baked house.
putting it together
The top of the house broke....