My Husband Is A Pervert

Jason told me that he requested a book at the library with my library card. So, I get a phone call from the librarian that the book is in and that I can come and pick it up. So after I leave work I stop off at the library to pick up the book for Jason so he would be surprised when I got home. I have no clue what the name of the book is or any other information. I tell the librarian that I have a book on hold that I'm coming to pick up, she asks for my card then she proceeds to the back room and retrieves the book for me. To my surprise, the librarian comes back and hands me this book and I'm just speechless because I felt like a dirty person that likes to read raunchy books. At first I said to her, "I don't think this is the book" then I said. "well, it's for my husband" then I thought to myself "now she thinks my husband is a pervert" so I just ran out with the book in my hands.


Liz said...

That had me cracking up.
Did he do it on purpose, as a joke, knowing you were going to pick it up, or did he really want to read it??

Kara said...

No. He really wanted to read it for enjoyment. He said it's kind of crude, buy he likes it. I THINK IT'S SICK!