Party #2

Friday, the kids and I went to a birthday party for their friend Luke from Church.
It was held at Kidz Planet.
I made cupcakes and a cool "Mario" cake last minute. The cake came out pretty cool considering I wasn't planning on making it until that morning.

Mario cake I whipped up last minute.

Renato and Charlotte

The birthday boy Luke.

Party #1

Last Sunday we went to my good friend Heathers little boy Henry's 3rd birthday party.
Good times were had by all.

Henry and the Birthday boy

Charlotte and her bff Sabine

I made the cupcakes


100 days on the earth

Approximatley, I have done....
600 feedings
800 diaper changes
200 changes of clothes
Charlotte has given me about.....
500 smiles
150 screaming fits
100 days of pure joy!
I love you Charlotte Susannah
I can't wait to see what the next 100 days will bring!

Thank you Carol for the dress!!!


Trick or Treat


Treats from mommy and daddy

Charlotte can't eat candy, so we got her something else to chew on.


Happy Birthday Maisy

We love you sweet girl. Hope you had a fun birthday. Can't wait to see you in december!