New Blog

Hi all.
I just started a new blog today. It's called 365 days of Charlotte. I hoping to post 1 or 2 pictures a day for the year to see how much she has changed day to day. Most likely I will fail this daily task, but I have wanted to do this for the boys and always forgot to set it up.
I'll probably start something for the boys but I'm trying to think of something cleaver.
Hope you enjoy another one of my blogs.




Charlotte Susannah Tait

Introducing our sweet daughter
Charlotte Susannah Tait
Born July 29th 2010
7 lbs 3 oz 19 inches long


Daddy Day

Jason spent the whole day with the boys today while I was a zombie, trying to recover from the night before. I had a bad night. Lots of contractions, very uncomfortable, nausea, and no sleep.
It was another hot hot day. Jason took the boys for a bike ride and then to DQ for an ice cream. I wish they brought one home for me.....
Jason is such a great Dad. Seriously.




Dog days of summer

It was a 90 degree lazy Sunday. The boys stayed cool swimming in their pool and enjoyed a cold beverage.


Happy Birthday My Sweet Boy.

I can't believe you are 4 today.
I remember the day you were born.
You were so small and beautiful.
I cried every time I looked at you.
You are our little miracle, and I thank the Lord for you every night.
You are a lot like your daddy.
Handsome, kind, sensitive, loving, sweet and selfless.
You are a great role model to your brother Jude and you love him so much.
You love to play with Transformers and Iron Man. You love to dress up in
costumes and go everywhere in them.
You love to read books, especially in the bathroom.
You can almost write your name and you are really great at coloring.
Mommy and Daddy are happy that you are learning more and more about Our Lord
and you are slowly forming a personal relationship with Him, a big thanks to Sunday School.
You don't even know that you are like Jesus in so many ways and we are proud of that
and hope that it continues as you grow.
I love you to pieces Henry Anthony Tait.
Hope you have a Happy Birthday and a wonderful year of happiness.


Thanks, Kara, for the BB Pie

This is Jason. Thanks, Kara, for making a nice blueberry pie for my birthday, as well as a gift certificate to my favorite store, Newbury Comics. Henry made me the drawing in this picture. He even wrote the letters. Jude gave me coffee gift certificates. It was a nice 37th. Thanks to my parents for a Blue Ray player so my DVDs are clear and fast, and my in-laws for free movie tickets and candy. I think Henry and I will go see Despicable Me. (I also won the lottery. Kara's grandmother gave me some scratch tickets and one was a $1 winner).


Happy Birthday Jason!

Happy Birthday my sweet husband.
I am so blessed to have married this man.
The little things he does reminds me of why i love him.
He is my favorite person.
To say he is a hard worker is an understatement.
He takes his job as our provider very seriously.
If i could have things my way, he'd work with me at home,
and we parent and school the kids together.
He wants nothing more than to be with his sons everyday.
When he gets home from work he gives them his undivided attention until they lay to sleep.
He is a pleaser.
He is selfless.
He is God loving.
He is handsome.
And I like that he is even a little nerdy.
I want nothing more than to be with him endlessly.
He is awesome.
And he is mine.
Thank you God!
I am smitten.