My Etsy Shop is Open!!!!

I've been wanting to open my on-line Etsy arts and crafts shop for quite a while now. For people that are not familiar with Etsy it is a website that sells handmade items.
A couple months ago my sister-in-law Cassandra introduced me to a blog about a young couple with an 11-month-old daughter Cora. Cora battled cancer for some time, and just the other day Cora went to be with Jesus.
Cora's story touched my heart. 
I found on Cora's blog that her family is starting a "Cora Paige Playground" fund. So, I donated some money then a found another blogger who started to sell her craft items on Etsy, and 100% of her proceeds will be donated to the fund. I bought one of her items, then thought to myself, "I need to do this."  I figured the Lord blessed me with talents and I decided to put them to use.
I am donating 100% of all proceeds to the playground fund, which is managed by the parents' church. I'm inviting all of you to visit my Etsy store at http://handmadebykara.etsy.com
If you want to read about Cora, visit:


In the car

Henry is finally in a big boy seat. He loves it!
Pretty soon Jude is going to be too big for his car seat!


Birthdays birthdays birthdays

Lots of people with birthday the past couple days... first my nephew Alden turned 3, then my good friend Carol's little Amya turned 2 and a great guy, John turned 31! Sorry you all did not get a special posting... But, just wanted to let you know that we were thinking of you on your special day!! Happy Be-lated birthdays!!!!



Super bowl Pretzels

I made homemade pretzels with a jalapeno pepper cheese sauce. They came out awesome