Gloomy and Cold Monday

Not too much going on here. It's monday night around 8:30pm and we just finished eating a late dinner... salad with chicken and corn-on-the-cob. Jason worked late so I figured I'd wait for him to eat. Henry is still sick. The poor little booboo. He's felling a little better but still has a stuffy nose a cough and his voice is horse. He sounds so cute. I worked today and Jason stayed home with Henry. I didn't want Henry to have to go to work with me, it would have been too much for him.
It's gloomy outside, cold around 60 and sprinkling. It's nice that it rained yesterday.... we really need the rain. Everyones grass is brown and the leaves are turning brown and falling already. That makes me sad because I love when the leaves change. The fall is my favorite time of the year. It is very romantic to me, I also feel that way when it snows. That's all I really want to report. Anyone want to tell me their favorite time of the year. Just leave a comment!


connie said...

spoken like a true New Englander...my favorite time of year is spring because the winter was cold and long and everything is budding..then it's summer because I can go to the beach and work in my garden, and then it's fall because it's so beautiful, and then winter because the snow is quiet and peaceful, but after two months it can go away and be spring..

Liz said...

Fall, hands down it is fall. I love the smell the air gets, I love the wind, I love the leaves falling to the ground. I have spent the last 49 fall's in CA, so this fall should be much nicer. They say though because of the extreme heat and drought, we will have a cruddy fall. Oh well. I still love fall. I love decorating and putting out scarecrows.

Mary said...

My favorite time of year is the spring. Winter here in Michigan is long, cold, icy, brown, dull, hard to go on walks due to falling flat on your face, gross, bone chilling misery. Soooo.....when spring comes I love it because it means people start coming out of their homes again, the ice starts to melt, the big snow piles begin to lower and send rivers of water down a slop to a swamp or a curb, flower start to bud out of the ground if you get the yuck off them first. Warmth comes out and you get to wear just a shirt and pants outside, then patty wacks. I love the spring.