10 Weeks till we get to meet our baby girl!!!!


Baby Update

I had another ultrasound today. It was so great seeing that sweet baby girl moving around on that screen. She is perfectly heathy and growing just fine so far. She weighs about 2 pounds.
I can't wait to see who she looks like. I only know what baby J/K Tait boys look like, blonde with blue eyes and fair skin. Maybe she will have my coloring? Any guesses?
We are 99.9% sure of what we will name her, we don't like to name our babies until they are born, so you'll have to wait to hear her name then.
I haven't really gone shopping to buy her pretty dresses and such..... I have no idea why, I thought we would be in debt by now with all the shopping, I think maybe because I am nervous that she'll grow a penis or something. Well today they reassured me that yes indeed she is a girl! (for all of those who tease me about it)
Maybe I'll go out this weekend after payday and buy some cute pink stuff.
I'll try to post a belly pic soon. Just have to remember to take one.



A friendly visit

Last week the boys had a play date at their friend Henry's house. The best part is that I got to spend some quality time with Henry's mom, my good friend Heather. She was a great hostess.

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