Marshfield Fair

We met our friends Chuck and Heather at the Marshfield Fair recently. They have a son named Henry, who like to play with our Henry and Jude. They looked at rabbits, cows and goats, and we even went on the ferris wheel. The haunted house we passed was so scary from the outside that Jude was trembling and he had nightmares for a few nights (there was a robotic dummy who looked tortured and was vomiting into a tub). The picture of Jude hiding his eyes while on Jason's shoulder is just after we passed the haunted house.

Marshfield Fair



Visit from Mom and Dad

This is Jason. My parents visited from Michigan. It was great having them here. Thanks for coming mom and dad! I also added a cute pic of Jude asleep in a store. His big body filled that cart.


These boys are amazing. How blessed are we?

Funny angle

Why do all my children resemble their papa Hank at some point. Not that it is bad thing, but my petite baby girl?


Home from the Hospital

It's great to be home.
The boys are in love with Charlotte. Henry is so gentle with her and Jude laughs at her.
We have been blessed with lots of loving family and friends who have taken time to come and visit our sweet girl.


Thanks to all Charlotte's visitors!!!!

Charlotte has had lots of visitors

Big Jude and Kind Henry

Jude saw Charlotte get a bottle so he wanted one too (chocolate milk). We always thought he was so tiny. Now he's Goliath. Henry, unprompted, hugged and kissed his little sister. He really loves her.

Charlotte meets her brothers