Good Bye, Forever.

Saturday, The Jason Tait family went to Newburyport to say goodbye to 52 Fair st. We still had a couple things to pick up and and do a final cleanup. We are sad to leave Stephen and Linsey, but are very happy in our new place.
We spent the rest of the day hanging out with Stephen while Linsey was working, then had a tasty burger dinner Stephen cooked for us on the grill.

Random weekend photos

Jason likes to put Martina and Henry in the China cabinet.
Henry decided to spill his whole juice cup all over the couch. Thank goodness we are buying a new cover for it.
Henry loves his "big boy" bed.
Jason and Stephen hanging out at Stephen's pad in Newburyport.


Easter Petit Fours

I made a few dozen Petit Fours for Easter. Jesus died on the cross for our sins, the least I can do for my family in his honor. I love you Jesus!

The Kids

All but one of Henry's first cousins on his mother's side were at Easter dinner on Glendale Street in Brockton Saturday. Only Christina, who had to work, was missing. Also missing from this pic is Matthew, who was at the dinner but probably skipped the pic to throw jelly beans at Uncle Anthony in the kitchen.

Friday pictures

Henry and his Gramma hanging out in the kitchen
Lisa decorating her bunny cake
Martina and Henry loves each other

Anthony made this delicious pizza for dinner


We miss you Anne and Sophie

Henry and Sophie on the slide at the Inn Street Park
Hugging "goodbye"
My friend Anne and her daughter Sophie


From Newburyport to Brockton

This past weekend we moved from Newburyport, a small city about 45 minutes north of Boston, to Brockton, a city of about 100,000 that is 20 minutes south of Boston. Thanks to our friends and family (and U-Haul), the move was smooth and fast.

Taitx3 will continue to publish from its new Southshore location, offering readers frequent updates and colorful photos.

Cleaning up in Brockton

Henry's first bath as a new Brockton, Mass., resident was with his cousin Martina, Anthony and Lisa's daughter (and upstairs neighbor).


Thursday pictures

Henry's watching a movie at the Fitness Factory daycare
Henry and Mei. Mei works with me at the daycare
eating a snack while watching "Little Mermaid"
"No more pictures, Mama!"
Just the beginning of a lot of packing


White and Nerdy

Cookies For The Kids

Thursday is my last day at work at the Fitness Factory baby sitting room. I am going to miss those kids.... I made them cookies for a little goodbye treat.


First day of work

Jason has his first day of work today at One Ashburton Place in Boston (the glass building you see). The view from the window is from Jason's desk. The law books were on his desk when he came in. He has a lot of learning to do.

Out to dinner

Monday night the Jason Tait family went out to dinner at The Rockfish in Newburyport. We had delicious sandwiches and french fries. Now that's a perfect meal....
The sandwiches
Trying to keep Henry busy
Henry loves soda
On the walk home
See ya


Goodbye, KIA.

The KIA Spectra has served us well (Jason drove it from Boston to The Eagle-Tribune for about four years). But it's time to move on. It now belongs to Kara's mother.

First Day of Work Eve

Stephen and Linsey gave Jason a fun book to read on the train as a "have a good first day of work" present. It's a fictional novel about office humor. Perfect. Thanks, guys.


Happy Birthday MJ!

Happy Birthday to our sister-in-law MJ! We love you!



We had a hip Saturday night at Uncle Stephen's house reading the Wall Street Journal, drinking a pot of coffee, watching Rambo and playing with a drawer full of pens. Pictured here are Stephen and Henry at the drawer full of pens.

Farewell Party

Last night was Jason's Farewell party from the Eagle Tribune. It was hosted at his boss Bill's house. Great time has had by all. Jason and his boss Bill
The Haverhill guys
Stephen Jason & Bill
Kara & Henry
Newburyport Taits
Mark & Jason
Jason & Gretchen