Swimming weekend

This past weekend we spend a lot of time in the water. Saturday we celebrated my Aunt Kathy's 50th birthday at a pool party. Sunday we spent 3 hours in the water at our city pool. Fun times was had by all.


Fun times at the city pool

Hanging out reading a book

Martina's 3rd birthday party

Yesterday we celebrated our niece Martina's 3rd birthday.

My weird husband

How to make a photo of a beautiful model of a fashion magazine look really creepy........ give it to a Tait.


More babies........

Congrats to our friend Sonya and Pete who are expecting another baby in april!!!!! We love you and are so happy for you. Sorry Pete for not having a picture of you, but I figure little Petey looks just like you.


Growing Belly

Kara in our Brockton living room at 22 weeks. Thanks, Cassandra, for the maternity top.


Franklin Park Zoo

We went to the Boston zoo Saturday. The monkeys behaved themselves, which was disappointing. I hoped they would throw poo. Henry liked the prairie dogs the most, which is funny because we could have taken him to the pet store for free to see rats. It was fun all around.

Drawing Skills

Henry's been chipping away at this work of art for about a week. We're gonna let him keep at it for awhile until there is no more white background.



Congratulations to my dear friend Laurene who gave birth today to her twins, Aquilles and Kerri.
Kerri Plourde Gomes
Aquilles Plourde Gomes


Bump on a log

Henry just discovered our Namco games. Hopefully this isn't a glimpse of Henry's future.


Painting fun

One of Henry's favorite things to do is to paint. It's funny that he can't stand getting his fingers dirty. He freaks out when he gets paint on his hands. What a weird boy.


Baby Tait at 20 weeks

So, today I had an altrasound hoping that we would find out the sex of the baby, but my luck the baby was laying on it's belly so we were not able to see. Sorry about the picture. It's hard taking a picture of a picture. If you look closely you'll see the baby's face facing down!!! Maybe at this point we will wait until the baby is born. who knows..........