2 a.m disaster

It was a big mess at a horrible time. Jason fell asleep on the couch watching SNL, and finally went to bed when he woke up at about 2:30 a.m. As he walked into our bedroom he stopped suddenly and asked me to turn on the light because he stepped in something wet and sticky. He was standing in a puddle of white paint. A gallon of paint somehow tipped over in our cardboard paint supply box (we're doing some finishing work around the house), and slowly leaked over the floor (see pic below). It took us a long time to scoop it all up and clean everything, including Jason's feet and some clothing that got hit. By the time everything was done it was after 4 a.m., a poor way to start a Sunday morning.

There she blows!!!!!!

29 weeks and living large. I have a feeling this baby boy is going to be a big one!



Monthly craft

My mother, sister-in-law Lisa and myself enjoyed a beautiful fall day outside working on a craft project. We made coasters out of tiles and stamps. I'll post a picture of the finished project later.

Stock up for the winter.

My only craving during this pregnancy. Corn on the cob. I have one everyday with lunch. Since the season of corn on the cob is over I had to stock up for the winter. I have a total of 15 bags.


The blogger Contest

Several weeks ago, Cassandra started a Blogger raffle and we're continuing the game. Just reply to this post or email us with your name and you're in. Seven days from now (next Saturday), we'll draw a name from the hat. The winner gets the N.D. doll above. Cassandra's prize was a cool Christmas bulb. Jason won that time, so now it's his turn to host the raffle. Whoever wins the ND doll will have to host the next raffle. Hope to hear from you.

Henry Gets Cultureized


The perfect package

THANK YOU CAROL!!!! It's perfect for our little baby boy. It definitely put a needed smile on my face. I am blessed to have you in my life. Love you.......... ~Kara


Baby boy Tait at 27 weeks

Our beautiful boy

The dreaded penis

News flash!!!!!!!



Weak Parenting

When we first started eating dinner at this fountain in Boston on Saturday, Kara and Jason decided that Henry would not be allowed to put his feet in the water. We were weak and allowed him to dip his toes. Then he splashed and got wet, so we peeled his clothing. Before long, he was jumping around in the pool, which we're sure is used as a bath tub for vagrants and dogs.

A Day With George

We went to Boston Public Library Saturday to visit with Curious George and The Man in the Yellow Hat (George is Henry favorite TV cartoon). He was super frightened of the person in the monkey suit. We also ate Wendy's burgers at a fountain. It was probably our last summer-like weekend in Massachusetts this year.


Long time, no post.......

Geez, it seems like it's been a while since I've last posted something. Not really too much going on here at the Tait home front. Everyone has been sick and finally getting better now. Henry still has a runny nose which drives me crazy. I feel like I am constantly wiping his nose. I feel so sorry for young ones that can blow their noses. Henry has a constant snot stripe on his arm from wiping it and probably has nasty salty snot dripping in his mouth. Yuck! Anyways, can't wait for it to go away.
Jason had to work late tonight because today was the last day that candidates can file their campaign finance reports, but he got out early which was a nice surprise. Here are some pics from this evening. Sorry they are not that exciting.


My sick boys

My poor boys are sick. Fever, coughing and runny nose are attacking the both of them. Thank goodness it happened after our trip to Kentucky. I wasn't feeling all that good on our way home from KY, but luckily it passed quickly. Let's hope I don't get it!

Swing away.....