Awesome Etsy Shop......

I just want to tell everyone to visit my friend Carol's Etsy shop. She is selling adorable dresses and headscarfs for little girls. They are absolutely gorgeous!  



A couple days ago I beat my son. I'm just kidding!!! Henry slipped and hit the corner of his eye on a bench. I was dying inside, trying to stay calm for Henry so he wouldn't get too upset, even though he was screaming. I watched the bump grow like pinocchio's nose. It was terrible. He is doing much better. Has a black eye and his scab is gone already.

Five months

Our baby Jude turned five months old the other day. I can't believe how time is flying. He is a whopping 18 pounds and is growing by the minute. Within no time he will be as big as Henry.
Jude loves to give raspberries and loves to spit. I think he might even be teething. Jude loves to be held by his mommy and is a cranky boy if he's not. Jude just adores his brother Henry and vice versa. Jude almost rolled over yesterday trying to get his toy that was next to him. He loves to it up and try to grab his toes. He loves bare feet and loves to get his diaper changed. His neck constantly smells like smelly cheese because of his drooling. He's finally growing hair, but not sure what color it will be. It is very blonde right now. I wonder if he will be a red head like his daddy? I am bound to have a red headed child.....
That's about all I can report what's new with Jude.
I just love that little boy and thank the Lord for him and his brother daily.


Super light saber boy

I made Henry a super hero cape. Henry loves Star Wars and his light sabers, so I decided to make him a cape with light sabers on the back.  At first it was a pain in the butt because I had to make a pattern, lots of trials and errors. Next time I make another light saber cape I am going to make the sabers smaller.  Soon I will be selling them on Etsy with all types of cool designs. Stay tuned for some rockin' capes!!


"I'm to sexy for these pants."

Henry is trying to model his new pajama pants I made for him the other night. He's so darn cute!

Fun with moon sand

Henry had fun today playing with moon sand. He made cars out of my car cake tin.