Nothing that exciting has been going on around here. Today, Henry and I hung out at home until I had to go to work at 3:30.
He's still not feeling all that great so I just wanted him to relax because he had to go to work with me. Jason picked him up from my work at 5pm so Henry did'nt have to stay with me the whole time.
On another note, some of you know Jason's boss, Bill Cantwell. His daughter Jen was mugged in downtown Haverhill early this morning (1am). She was in a parking lot with friends and a man with a flesh-eating disease tried snatching their purses. He punched the girls and everything, but they fought him off. The police ended up arresting him. Now they are worried that Jen caught the disease. Let's hope she's clean.
Anyways. Hope everyone is well. If you have a story to tell, plese do. Just post a comment!


Liz said...

That was such a bizare story. I feel grossed out. It is bad enough to be mugged, but mugged by a man with flesh eating disease???
Jeez, she better not play the lottery.

Cassandra said...

How sad..... HOwever I was laughing so hard when I read about the flesh eating disease. I read it out loud to Adam and it was even more funny.

I do hope she does not have the flesh eating disease.


ChristinaComatose said...

ChristinaComatose: Whilst reading this, I just so happened to be eating. Thank you kindly for that gaggage. ;)