A Glimpse

I'm not very good at remembering to take belly pics during this pregnancy..... I'm usually the one taking the pics of the boys and Jason so I'm never in them.
Here are a couple that Jason took, not very good, but I guess it shows that there is definitely a human growing in my belly.
I am 6 months and living large!


Birthday Party at The Easton Children's Museum

A couple weeks ago the boys got to enjoy some fun times at their friend Amelia Squires birthday party at the Easton Children's Museum.

Scary seeing Jude behind the wheel.
Henry's favorite. The choo choo !

Going down the ladder.
Making a flower during craft time.
Craft time!
How cute is he ?????
Future fire chief ?
Jason tried to give a puppet show to the boys, but within seconds Mr. Jude found Jason and joined him.

"Green" Day

In honor of Earth Day (I know I'm a day late)
I thought I would give you 2 links with some helpful food shopping information.

I am hoping to post at least once a week some "Green" tips and such.


Happy Birthday Kara!

Today, Kara, you turn 34.
You should have many more (birthdays).

You were born in the 70s premature.
Now you have two boys, life's been quite the tour.

You're good at painting walls and baking cakes.
It's fun to be with you, laughter you makes.

Have a great day even though it is raining.
I love you so much I'm going insaneing.



Wicked Smat

Just the other day Jude learned how to "blow" his nose. He would put the tissue up to his nose and make the blowing sound with his mouth. It's pretty hilarious!
So, yesterday I discovered that Jude can really blow his nose. Getting all the snots out and everything. I think it's unheard of that a 1 year old can blow his nose. Henry can't even do it! Amazing.
Anyhoo, here is a video of Jude pretending to blow his nose.


Some tasty treats for Easter

The cupcakes were perfect for the kiddos. I got the recipe from the famous "Magnolia Bakery" in NYC. It was vanilla cake with old fashion buttercream frosting.
I even made the cute little apple blossom flower candies for the decoration. I learned how to make those last week at my Cake decorating class.
This cake was probably the best tasting I have ever had.
If you like lemon you will be a huge fan. I think this recipe would also make amazing cupcakes.

Handsome boys

I'm so bummed that these are the only pictures I have of the boys with their Easter outfits on. The look so dapper with those ties on.
I have so much fun dressing them alike. I suppose I only have a couple years left of that...


Decorating Easter Eggs

We had fun decorating eggs. Surprisingly, non broke.
Henry got to buy the Transformers decorating kit.
He thought it was so cool.


Henry the performer.

It's funny the proud feeling you get as a parent seeing your kid perform something, even something as simple as an Easter Sunday song in church.

Click Link.