Happy Halloween! (A look back)

Henry's first Halloween as a cow.
Henry's second Halloween as a spider.


The boy with the orange hat.

My baby boy

Henry loves going into the basket that I got from my mother-in-law Mary. She used it when she was a baby and I believe her siblings also used it when they were born. I painted it and made a bumper for it. My sister-in-law Cassandra also used it for her little girl Maisy. I can't wait to put our new little baby boy in it.


Baby update

So, all along I was wrong about how many weeks along I am during my pregnancy. I am actually a week off. Officially today, I am 32 weeks pregnant, 8 weeks to go! I also thought that since I am having a c-section that my doctor would do it two weeks early because they don't want me to go into labor and such. Come to find out he is going to schedule it only a week earlier. As of right now it looks like I will be having baby boy on Dec 19th unless something happens. I have a feeling I will go earlier than that. Looks like I will be home just n time for Christmas. I guess that means the Tait grandparents probably won't see the baby until he is like 3 weeks old, since it will be so close to Christmas. Hopefully in a couple weeks I will have a set date.
Anyways, everything is going great! The baby is getting nice and big and healthy which I love..... I have to go twice a week for a non stress test to make sure everything is fine. That's the stinky part about being high risk. It takes about 2 hours and it's very boring. Today the baby had the hick-ups, it was cute hearing it.
I can't wait to have this baby. It will be so nice holding him and kissing his little face.



Here are some earrings and hair pins I made for my nieces for Christmas. I am trying to be creative this year to save us some money. I never made earrings before, and not sure if I will continue. I would like to start selling things on Etsy so I'm trying out all different projects. So far, I'm not sure if I'm liking this one.


These ain't itsy-bitsy

Two plump spiders, both bigger than quarters, are living on our front porch. Henry likes to poke them with sticks as they scurry around their webs. They love that game.

Superhenry in Halloween Parade

The Avon, Mass., Fire Dept. hosted this Halloween parade/pizza party for children at a church Sunday afternoon.


No Mercy

KT does not approve of this roughhousing.

Something's in the air

Henry has been sneezing all Saturday morning, and if we're not fast enough with a tissue, he wipes the mucus on his sleeves. We have a box of kleenex at the ready.

Happy Birthday, Carol! We love you.


What happened to the talk of the Ozone layer problem ????

So, I was thinking the other day about Global Warming, then I started thinking about when I was younger and all the talk was about the ozone layer, acid rain, killer bees and aerosol cans. And I was a scared little girl. What happened???? I'm a true believer about doing what I can to help the environment. I recycle, use tote bags instead of plastic and several other things. But I wonder if human made Global Warming will go away like our ozone layer problem? I'm just saying. ~ Kara.


Chubby cheek boy

Today I had another altrasound and everything is going fine. Baby boy is getting so big. He's almost 4 pounds already. They said he will probably be a big boy. That's what I like.... A thriving big baby. They said that he is breech and that I would have to c-section, good thing that I am already having one! If everything goes as planned we should be having him the first week of december. Look at that cute chubby cheek!!!!!


Our little cutie

I should be napping instead......

I don't know what's wrong with me, but lately all I want to do is cook, bake, clean, and do all types of projects. I must be nesting or something. Today, I made homemade sauce, meatballs and fresh pasta.


All American

This evening I made an apple pie, believe it or not for the first time. I always made apple crunch in the past but never apple pie. It was a perfect ending to a beautiful fall day.

I used a variety of apples.
Pile high.
Just before going into the oven.
Just baked.
Apple pie bliss.

Oh...... this was our dinner. Ham and cheese panini and tomato soup


Lunch at Fire and Ice in Harvard Square

Harvard Man

We visited Harvard Saturday and Henry ran through campus, up stairs and leaped off ledges. He had a good time with the smaht kids.