Happy Birthday Mommy!!!!!

Happy Birthday to my beautiful Mother! Hope you have a wonderful day! We love you!


Happy Birthday Daddy-O

Happy Birthday to my Daddy. 66 years.... your old. I love you!

Welcome to the blog world Sonya & Pete!

My friend Sonya started a blog! Check it out. You can click on her name under my "fellow bloggers"


A look at the kitchen

First project finished, The Kitchen!

These are before pictures of the kitchen......

After pictures.......


Discovered Ants

Henry was intrigued by the ants that were walking around while he ate lunch on the porch.

Summer Day in the Spring!

Today was a gorgeous day. It hit just above 80 degrees. Henry loved splashing around in his pool.


Wet and wild

Henry visited the Christian Science Church fountain again on Monday. He loves this thing.

Taits in a crowd

Henry and Jason met Stephen and Linsey in Boston for the marathon. Here we are walking near the finish line where runners gathered to meet family members and vomit (actually, we only saw one guy throwing up). There are about 25,000 runners and many more than that in town to watch. Stephen mentioned the outside possibility of running the marathon some day, maybe next year. To compete next year, he'll need to run a qualifying time in another marathon or raise $3,000 for charity. Go Stephen go. The idea almost tempts Jason, too.


Carol Shaw's dinner picture request

Not much of a Sunday dinner, but it was darn good. I made chicken salad sandwiches with cranberries, nuts, and all types of wonderfulness.

The Ice Cream Maker

Jason got me an Ice Cream maker for my Birthday. I always wanted one. I made Jason his favorite, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough. It was AWESOME!!!!!


Got a light?

Kara bought a chandelier at Ikea and Jason installed it Saturday afternoon. Look how happy she is basking under fake diamonds.

Fancy bird

This strange duck at DW Field Park in Brockton has a white afro. You could tell it thought it was better than the plain brown ducks without puffy head feathers.


Trying to stay dry

Jason and Henry inside a water fountain at the Christian Science Church in Boston. There are about 200 jets of water streaming into the center of the fountain, creating a dome of water. You can stay dry standing under it. We've never heard Henry laughing so fully.


He's such a sweet boy

We took Henry to a candy store on Newbury Street in Boston. He was as happy as a kid in a candy store.

Hold on tight

Henry shows how strong he is by hanging from a subway overhead rail, but as you can see by the expression on his face in the second photo, he was very scared to fall.

Child Labor

Henry went to his dad's office Thursday afternoon. He was excited because he took the train to Boston. He loves the so-called "choo-choo."

Birthday dinner

Kara, Jason and Henry had Qdoba Mexican food for her birthday dinner in Boston Thursday evening. This is a happy mother and son, their bellies full and ready to go to Anthropologie, Kara's favorite store, for shopping.


Love that face!

Good work, Stephen

The Alabama-based CNHI newspaper company, which owns the Daily News of Newburyport, Mass., and more than 100 papers across the nation, named Stephen a finalist for its reporter of the year award. In the end, he took second place behind another reporter. Not bad, considering there are probably more than 1,000 reporters throughout the company.

Congratulations, little brother. You're a good journalist and I'm glad you're being recognized for your skills.


Happy Birthday to Hank Tait!

On this day in Detroit in 1953 something wonderful happened, Henry Joseph Tait was born.

We Love You!!!!

Happy 7th Birthday to our niece Maggie! We love you!


New name for the Blog

So, after the baby is born we will have to rename our blog. We were thinking just changing the 3 to a 4, but I thought that it was too boring? Anyone have any suggestions???

The Park

Our Date

Last night Jason and I went on a date. My mother watched Henry while we enjoyed dinner and a movie. The movie was good. "Smart People", I recommend it. It was a nice evening.


We miss you Dan Tait Family!!!

Dan Kim Alden and Cassie
Kim and Cassie
Dan and Alden