Yesterday was a hot day in Newburyport. Jason Henry Stephen and I went to the beach. It was so hot in the sun and the water was very cold, bone chilling cold. I did jump in several times to cool off. Henry loved playing in the sand and eating it. Jason would dig him huge holes and fill it with water so Henry could splash around. Later that evening I made cookies. (I posted the recipe today for Sunday Sweet) We went for our evening walk downtown and listened to Live Irish music in the square and danced around. Then we just hung out and watched a movie. We only got through 20 minutes of it then passed out for the evening. Around 12:30am Henry woke up with a runny nose and high temperature. My heart broke for him. He never gets sick. So I had Jason sleep in the living room and Henry and slept in our bed with me. I was up until 3:55 taking care of him then Jason took over and slept until 6am when Henry woke up. I went to the Pharmacy to get medicine for Henry. He has been doing a little better this afternoon. Still sneezing and lots of snots hanging out of his nose. He tries to lick them. It's nasty. This morning I made fresh bagels. They were so good. Stephen came over and ate one, and I sent one home for Linsey as she recovers from a hang over from last night. (I must be nice being young and having no responsibilities) Anyways, sorry for blabbing on and on. Just wanted to keep you all updated.


Liz said...

Fresh bagels, who does that???
Your nuts kara.

I want to hear more about what Stephen and Linsey did, that caused her to be "over served"???

Kara said...

I think they just went out. Not sure about the details.

connie said...

bagels yummmm

Cassandra said...

never knew you could make home made bagles at home...... I assumed it had to be some magical bagel shop