Jude had his one month doctor's appointment today and he is doing great. He now weighs 11 pounds!!!!


loving our boys.......

Look who's getting fat......

Jude turned 1 month old on the 19th and I can't believe how much he is growing, not growing length wise but sure is gaining weight. But he sure is darn cute.....

Detroit yo!

Thank you Uncle Stephen and Aunt Linsey for the sweatshirt and outfit! We love you.


All things Anthropologie

For the past couple days while secluded inside with the boys, I've been working on this neat craft project. My favorite store is Anthropologie. So, I took all my old catalogs and cut out images of all the things I love, then covered an old tray, then applied many coats of Mod Podge so it wouldn't get ruined. It was a lot of fun. I have it on my kitchen table.


Precious gift

Fun in the snow

The other day we had a huge snowstorm. Jason took Henry out to play while jude and I stayed inside and watched from the window.


The peepee teepee

For all you moms out there with baby boys, you'll appreciate this.... I made Nick and Shaina's new baby boy, peepee teepees. They are great. Not only are they funny but they really work. You put this contraption over the peepee to shield from being peed on. It's great! Jude has peed on me several times already, so I make sure to use this as often as a can remember.... They perks of being a mom of boys!!!!! p.s. any moms out there that want some, let me know!

The product. 2 each of 3 different sizes.
Jude modeling his peepee teepees.

Hospital visit

Saturday, the Tait clan visited the new addition to the Squires family, Caelan Dean Squires who was born on friday. Congrats to Nick Shaina and Amelia.

Proud mommy Shaina, Caelan and Kara.
Baby Caelan. He is a big boy, very long and huge feet, and precious as can be.....
Cute Caelan.
Judy Mitchell holding our little Jude. Thanks for the handmade blanket, we love it!
Caelan's big sister Amelia and Henry hanging out in the waiting area.


Belly time!

Jude not only look like his daddy, he is also strong like his daddy.
Jude already lifts his head and looks all around.


Last week pics

Henry holding his baby brother
Henry is surprisingly very good with his brother Jude. No traumas yet!
Jude: 3 weeks old
Henry and I spent friday afternoon painting. It was nice spending one on one time with him.




The other evening the three of us decorated plain white coffee cups with a special marker that does not come off in the wash. Henry made one for his parents and Kara and Jason made one for each other. It was a fun family craft.