A little bit of this and a little bit of that.

The boys watching "Toy Story".

Our three babies.

Me and my boys cuddling!

Charlotte turned 2 months yesterday. It's crazy how time flys when you get no sleep!!! She loves tummy time!!!


Just another day

Somebody is in love with his little girl

Charlotte just stared to smile and giggle. It's so much fun watching her grow.

Henry is doing push ups at his gymnastics class

Jude is loving his baby sister.

Peace Out yo!

Charlotte smiles


A friendly visit

Thursday my friend Heather came over with her son Henry and daughter Sabine. Sabine and Charlotte are 8 weeks apart.
The boys played hard while the girls slept and Heather and I sat and talked for hours. It was a great visit.


I had a few minutes to upload some photos

I finally uploaded pics on Charlotte's blog.... Check them out. You can click on her blog link on the right side of this blog.
How lucky am I to have these 4 people in my life.....

Henry started his gymnastics class again. he loves it.

Henry sure does love his sister.

I know it's been a long time.......

Jude and Charlotte had a combined doctors appointment. It was crazy, will never do that again.
Jude is a massive little boy. The doctor could not believe how thick he is. Charlotte weighs a whopping 11 pounds. She's no longer my skinny little girl. She's so cute chunky. I like chunky babies especially their sausage thighs.

Can you tell they are siblings?


Just surviving

Henry likes to make hot lava rivers out of wet chalk.
Hanging with her grandma.