Isn't he just the cutest?

I finally got a home----

A gnome home...... How lucky am I. I got an awesome surprise in the mail the other day from an amazing talented beautiful hip girl, her name is Danielle. Thanks Dani, you're the sweetest.


Happy Birthday Carol!!!!!

Happy Birthday to you Mrs. Shaw. Hope you have a glorious day. We love you!


First snow

It's not even halloween, and it's snowing!! I love it though.... sorry, the pictures aren't that great.


Carol, does this make you happy?

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The dreaded cold season

For the past week the boys have been so sick with colds. On tuesday morning, I had to take Jude to the ER because he was struggling to breathe. Our poor little JuJubee. They gave him breathing treatments and a nebulizer and it seemed to help. Wednesday morning he was really bad so I brought him to the doctors office. They gave him a shot of prednizone and another neb, we wanted to avoid to admit him to the hospital. The prednizone really worked. He has to take it for the next 5 days and continue with his breathing treatments for a couple more days. He is much much better today. Back to his normal self..... playing, whining, struggling to get away when I change his diaper, and lots of raspberries! Henry just has a bad runny nose and cough. Got to love the snot strip on his sleeve!


Sweet & Salty

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