Christmas Parade

When D.V. and his storm troopers showed up in the Brockton Christmas Parade, Henry forgot about the cold wind and did not care about the Santa float. By the way: Thanks go to Danielle for the crocheted light sabers. The boys love them. We hope everyone has a great December and Christmas season.


The Big Lebowski

Saturday, Jason and I took the kids bowling for the first time. Here in Massachusetts, candlestick bowling is very popular. It was much easier for the boys to handle the small bowling ball in their little hands. Henry had a blast and he was pretty good. Jude handled that ball like it was light as a feather. It was so funny watching them play!

Grown men.....


Look who's getting into things...

Just some pics

Someone likes to eat chalk....

What a cute boy!

Jude wearing his Uncle Michael's hat.


Happy Birthday sweet Maisy Tait Herman!

Happy Birthday sweet girl. You're two and we love you!!!