Our little chef

On Father's Day morning we started a tradition of making Jason breakfast in bed. Henry and I made Jason a mushroom ham and cheddar cheese omelette with a bagel and cream cheese on the side. Henry had a blast helping me cook.

Henry is carefully chopping the mushrooms with a plastic knife, of course.

Whisking the eggs. I love when he says "bye milk" when he combines the egg and milk and the white disappears.

Henry was so excited to bring Jason his breakfast in bed. He didn't want any help so he put the tray on his stool so he could push it over to Jason.

Almost in the room.....

Eating father's day breakfast together


Happy Father's Day !

Jason is a great Dad.
He is present. He is loving. He is concerned. He is involved.
Thank you Jason for just being you. We love you.

Jason walking the kids to Dairy Queen.


Bottom's up

When Henry goes poop, he lets us know by doing a reverse crab crawl and making fart sounds. Every time.


Sunshine? What's that?

A rare sunny day in the park in Massachusetts.


Henry helps to make a just-for-fun-Saturday-night-cake. He usually does not eat cake (ever), but had a big slice of this one. He likes to eat things if he is involved in the preparation.


Lemon cookies are good

Henry likes to hang out in his bedroom eating snacks and watching movies like Kung Fu Panda and Bolt.

The boys have a new friend

Long-time friend Loren left sunny Laguna Beach to spend a few days in rainy Massachusetts. She's Henry's new best friend because she bought him candy, cookies and toys. Plus she's just really nice.

West Coast Meets East Coast

The Washington State Shaws, Carol, Dan and Amya, visited us last week while in New England for Dan's sister's wedding. Henry and Amya had a good time together playing in a sand box and relaxing in a hammock.


Henry Sings

No Wind

The one day in New England when there's no wind Henry tries to fly a kite. He still had fun dragging it around, though.

Jude plays the fish face game with Henry

Two Weeks Worth

The laundry piled up for two weeks. I spent ninety minutes folding while watching the MTV movie awards while Jason sat and relaxed. I thought that it was a good punishment for myself for neglecting the laundry. p.s. I LOATH laundry...

Hanging in beantown

We went to Cambridge and Boston Sunday for some family fun.  We had lunch, visited a science fiction book store and dodged pigeons.  Henry is wearing the new colorful pants I made him.