Can you tell these two girls are related?

A holy day

Charlotte was christened a couple weeks ago. She looked like a little bride.
We are blessed to have my Uncle Michael and Aunt Susan to be sweet Charlottes Godparents.
They did a great job picking out her dress!
We had a small party after a my parents house. It was a nice day.

Round 1

Saturday, we took the kids across the street for a small Halloween party that the realtor office hosted. The kids had a blast painting pumpkins and running around. They each got a really cool gift for wearing a costume. I also won "guess how many candy corn in the jar" contest. I was off by 5!!!


Just being happy in October

Don't really need to say anything for this

Painting pumpkins for Halloween

Henry and Jude had lots of fun getting their pumpkins ready for Halloween. We decided to let them paint the pumpkins instead of giving them steak knives for carving.

The boys love slurping up their Co-Co Puffs Milk

My friend Loren is visiting from Colorado

Loren is visiting from Colorado just for the fun of it, and Jude was showing off on how good he is as a big brother.


Sunday at the Zoo

Jason took the boys to the zoo on Sunday while Charlotte and I stayed at home and did some serious cleaning. I'm on a throw out everything kind of mood. I got a good amount done, but could use a full day of no kids and other distractions.
The boys had a blast. It was a cool cloudy fall day. Jude was pretty much scared of all the animals except for the Lemur. Henry liked the camels but he said they were smelly, but his favorite was the giraffes.