Labor Day Weekend

What a beautiful labor day weekend we had here in Newburyport. Yesterday we spent most of the day hanging out downtown people watching. We went to the beach, Plum Island. It's less than a 10 minute drive down the street. It was hot in the sun, Henry and Jason sat under the beach umbrella while I baked in the sun. I'm paying for it now! The water was ice cold, but we managed to go in. Here are a couple pictures from the beach.... Sorry, I don't want to scare my family and friends with a picture of me in a bathing suit so it's just Henry and Jason. Hope everyone had a enjoyable weekend.


Mary said...

Kara, like your mom said, don't forget to take pictures of yourself too, with Henry, or all by yourself...your cute too!!

L. Donnelly-Berger said...

That water looks so refreshing, almost like it isn't salt water!!
Henry looked like he had a blast. I wish I could kiss him right now.