Saturday morning waffles

This morning we enjoyed some fresh Belgium waffles. I got to experience true Belgium waffles for the first time when I visited Belgium. They were very heavy, mine was light and airy. I must find a great recipe so I can relive my trip.


My baby boy in a dress!

Jude got Christened on saturday. It was fun for me to put him in a dress. It was like having a girl for a day!!!  :)


My little Van Gogh

Does anyone else thinks it's amazing that a 2 1/2 year old drew these pictures??? I think so......


Henry and Martina hanging out....

On monday, Henry's cousin Martina spent the afternoon with us. They had a fun filled day. 

Henry and Martina hanging out on the floor watching "Little Mermaid"
Enjoying lunch, mac and chesse.
The Mac & Chesse
The kids fell asleep on the floor after playing hard all day.
After their nap they had a snack, Little Debbie Swiss rolls and milk.


Cora Paige Playground Fund!

I just want to thank Stephanie M, Danielle N, Mary T, Carol S, and Laurene P for helping me raise money for Cora's Playground fund. Hope you ladies enjoy your earrings! 
I am pleased to say that I raised $140, $40 over my goal.  I sold 18 pairs of earrings with a couple people donating a little extra. I will post later the total amount that Estyians raised for the fund. I know it's thousands!!! Today we all submit our totals and it will be presented to Cora's parents tomorrow, which would have been Cora's first birthday. They will be meeting with their church to discuss the Playground, and at that time the pastor will give them the good news!! Isn't that wonderful!!!!!!!
This project was so enjoyable and hope to continue to find different fundraisers I can help.
Hopefully I will add more items to my shop soon! 
Once again, Thank you ladies and God Bless.


Sorry, it's been a long time......

                                    Henry is so proud of his Darth Vader shirt I made for him. 
                                    He even posed for the picture.
                                    Henry likes to wear glasses like his daddy.
                                                Crazy hair boy.
                                   Henry likes to fight Jason with his light sabers so much
                                   that he even has to do it while Jason is showering.
                                   Typical Jude face....

Aunty Aunty's 95th Birthday party

On Sunday, we celebrated my great Aunts' 95th birthday.
I made her a coconut cake with 6 layers of coconut goodness. 


The past week I was busy with projects. I made my grandmother new chair covers, and my great Aunt an apron for her 95th birthday. The chair covers were a pain in the butt, but the apron was fun! I really wanted to keep the apron for myself. I was thinking of making a couple and selling them on Etsy.... What do you think????