Top Five

Dear Subscribers: On any given day, we enjoy certain material things. For some people those things are golf clubs, and for others, best selling romance novels. The photos below contain some common worldly things that help to define Jason, Kara and Henry Tait from day to day (for the purpose of this exercise, we set aside Jesus, nutritional food, family and other such necessities, figuring everyone needs those things). Enjoy. The Taits.

Jason likes to jog to reduce his stress and belly, read newspapers and write in them, drink coffee, eat cereals and watch movies of all sorts, but mostly his six Star Wars episodes. That list represents Jason's typical day.

Kara likes to listen to upbeat Christian music and sinful rap on the family I-pod while jogging, watch Martha Stewart's show and read her magazine, be creative with her sewing machine, her Fiber One bars for breakfast (which have 9 grams of fiber per bar), and all 10 seasons of Friends.

Henry is a simple creature. He likes his soft blanket, his binky, his juice bottle/sippy cup and Uncle Stephen's old cell phone. He also likes to eat ramen noodles, even though his parents suspect they are not nutritious.


al said...

That was very clever Kara, I smiled through the entire thing. Thanks.

Mary said...

You guys, I love this, it is so thoughtful and expressive. I was going to say the same thing Lizzy said, but, anyway, very cute.