Sunday Stroll

Jason relives his glory days. Clare Pioneers Rule!

Stephen and Henry on a walk

Downtown Newburyport


Cassandra said...

It looks nice and fallish in Newburyport.

Jason said...

It is about 55 or 60 degrees and partly cloudy. The leaves are turnign color. The Patriots are playing very well. Elections are happening. Thanksgiving is coming and then Christmas ... Oct., Nov. and Dec. are my favorite months.

Liz said...

I agree so much with you Jason. If any of you watched the news tonight, it showed the entire United States, and NC was the hottest spot in the entire US!!!!
I really jinxed this State.

Mary said...

I'm so happy you like those months Jason. I guess I do too, but, then I want the cold, you know, the very, very cold weather to last only 3 months or so, not 6 months. Great pictures of your family Jason. :) Sorry its hot in NC for you Lizzy. Soon it will get cool.