Just Around The Corner

It's a gloomy cool day here in Newburyport. The trees are finally turning beautiful shades of red and orange and people are walking around bundled in their sweaters and a Starbucks coffee cup in their hands. I love this time of year. In a couple weeks is Halloween and to me that kicks off the holiday season. We plan on dressing Henry up in some cute costume and taking him around to a select few homes in the neighborhood. A definite stop will be visiting Stephen and Liney who live a stones throw away. Then I plan on sitting on our front steps to pass out candy.
Then comes Thanksgiving. Turkey, yum. We plan on spending turkey day with my family and hopefully partake in a hometown football game. I plan on making some kind of yummy dessert and a side dish for dinner maybe a first course soup or something. I'll have to discuss with my mom.
Then a month away is the most important of all... The celebration of the birth of Our Lord, CHRISTMAS!!!!!! Yeah for Jesus!
Our plans are to spend Christmas in Michigan. We will leave on the 21st and come home on the 26th. It will be nice since Jason hasn't been home for Christmas in many years. I am looking forward to it also. I will miss my family BIG TIME...... I have never missed a Christmas with my family, so I'm sure there will be times that I will be sad. I will miss all of you. I am looking forward watching Henry open gifts this year, hopefully we will see somewhat of a twinkle in his eyes.
Anyways, I hope all of you are getting exciting for the up coming holidays like I am.


Dan Tait said...

i cant wait to see you guys for Christmas. You will be leaving the day before we have our new baby, that would have been fun if you could have been there to see her. have a good weekend.

TAITx3 said...

We are so bumbed out Daniel, Jason tried to get the day off but no one could take anymore days off that week. We can't wait to see your new baby girl. How's Kim feeling? Tell her she needs to visit our blogs, I want to hear from her. Give her a hug for me and tell her I miss her.-KT

Mary said...

Well, maybe, just maybe Jason will have to call in sick until December 28th. I mean, this is an important event, Daniel and Kims new baby girl. I know it won't happen, that you will be able to stay, but, at least I'm trying. I can't wait to see you 3 for Christmas!

connie said...

how do you know that you're having the baby on that day? I remember "when" and that was 31 years ago, that the baby came when the baby was good and ready. Boy have times changed. So everyone, please help this oldtime momma out with an answer. thanks

TAITx3 said...

Scheduled C-Section. -KT

connie said...

never thought of that..thanks