Crazy Busy

First I have to apologize for not posting Sunday Sweet recipe. We have been none stop since Saturday morning. We babysat for my sister Suzie's twins while they went to a wedding. It was so nice hanging out with my nieces. Henry loves his cousins. I was bummed out that I left my camera at home so I couldn't take any pictures. We rented "Lucky you" with Drew Barrymore and Eric Bana, I thought it pretty much sucked. Not worth the $4. We ordered pizza... mmmmmm . Sunday afternoon we visited my parents then went to the mall and I bought a new over the shoulder boulder holder, which was desperately needed since after having Henry my boobs have sagged down to my belly button. I feel like a new women.
We got home late Sunday evening and had more pizza... mmmmmm (I have to run an extra 4 miles for all the pizza consumption for the past 2 days).
Henry woke up coughing several times last night which made for a sleepless night for both Jason and myself. He just can't seem to shake his cold. The poor little boo boo. Jason took a personal day today which was great so Henry didn't have to go to work with me. It was nice having Jason home today, he never takes a day off.
Now it's 9:15pm monday, Henry is sleeping and Jason is at Stephen's watching the Patriots vs. Cincinnati. Jason decided to bet Adam Herman $1 (and the Caravan that they supposed to be giving us) that the Patriots will win. Man, I really hope they win, or no wheels for me. I think my husband has a gambling problem..... And for me I am suffering from the after effects of eating too much fiber.


Liz said...

Kara that sounds like a great family weekend. Who won the bet??

Mary said...

Kara, you said something about a boulder holder, and before I finished the sentence I was wondering what a boulder holder was. That is hilarious, I haven't ever heard that terminalogy before. Anyway, it was a great weekend had by all. Awesome.