So, what does everyone think about Brittney Spears losing custody of her children?
I have mixed emotions about it. I feel bad for her because as a mother I couldn't imagine
what my life would be like if Henry was taken from me. She must feel empty.
On the other hand I feel like she should have stayed out of the spot light until she could
straighten out her life. But she lived the high life and now she's paying for the consequences.


Jason said...

Britney, the starlett showgirl, let money and fame become more important than God and family. And she shaved her head. She could have stopped this from happening but decided not to heed warnings. ... at this point, I'm going to drink beer or kill an animal or something so I can feel like a man again. I don't really like to read Kara's gossip magazines.

Mary said...

I guess I am kind of sick of Britney. Like many people in America, I think that she is just a lost soul, grasping for the wrong ideals in life. I'm also tired of the few moments I have a day, hearing about Rush Limbaugh. I am more interested in these blogs of my family, and my grand son, and its all so wonderful. BTW, we are heading to Kentucky this coming Friday. We will arrive around midnight, after leaving at 5pm. Pretty good I'd say, but Dad and I are due to come to Boston. :)

Cassandra said...

Britney Britney..... I think she screwed up. Why did they take them away? It better have been a good reason if they stuck them with kevin. I mean he just up and left his first 2 children.

connie said...

Well, I'd rather hear about Rush than Brittney, but someone needs to give her a kick in the butt and they did by doing the most horrendous act to a mother, that is totake her children away. On the other hand, her actions show that she is either pickled in substance, mentally ill or a combo of both. Also, the judge certainly did not show wisdom by handing the children over to a man that seems to act like she does. I know nothing of her family but perhaps one of them would have been better. (boy I'm on a soap box this morning)