Our Trip To Russell Orchard

Fun time was had by all on our famiy excursion to Russell Family Orchard. We visited the petting zoo, enjoyed a hayride, tasted several fruit wines, ate warm cider donuts and sat around the pumpkin patch.
Henry in the tree
Pumpkin patch
Henry looking at the goats
Hanging out
Bottle of Rhubarb wine waiting to be consumed.


Mary said...

It looks like you three had a wonderful fall day. Henry looks so grown up, like a real little boy, getting ready for the world with his mom and dad right there for him. A very nice family. :) BTW, the cinnamon buns look delicious. Cathy Tait, Chris Tait, and Pam Tait, used to make cinnamon rolls like these, and I tried it at least one time, only to have them not taste all that great. I'll leave it to you Kara, because I'm just not a baker, but it would be fun to do this with you, if we had a chance sometime.

kara said...

I would love to make them with you Mary. Maybe we can make them for Christmas morning! Can't wait to see you.-KT

connie said...

What a fun autumn day. Jason's hair matches the pumpkins and Henry's matches the golden leaves. Kara's smile matches my heart.

Cassandra said...

Kara that looked so fun. I wish I could have been there with you guys.