The visitors

Thanks all who came to visit us at the hospital. It meant a lot to us.
My brother Michael was the first visitor to meet Jude. Michael was waiting for us in the waiting room. Michael is also Jude's Godfather.
Proud Grandma. Thank you mom for taking care of Henry while Jason and I were at the hospital.
Grammy Mary sure does love baby Jude.
Papa Hank and Grammy Mary traveled all the way from Michigan in a snowstorm to be with us on our special day.
Squires family. Shaina is not in the picture.
Jude's uncle Thomas
Auntie MJ. Thanks MJ for all the phone calls prior to Jude's birth. It meant a lot to me.
My brother Adam.
Chuck. (Heather's husband) Thanks for coming!
My friend Heather who drove from Duxbury in a snow storm to visit. You guys are the best!
Our sister-in-law Lisa, Anthony is there too, but not photographed.
Jude's cousin Martina


Carol and Dan said...

Wow! That's a lot of people that came to visit during a snow storm! You guys are loved! ....c.

Sonya and Pete said...

I second what Carol said!

Anonymous said...

great pictures . . . he is even cuter in person if that is possible.

Love, Lisa