baby countdown!

4 MORE DAYS!!!!!!


Squires Family said...

YAY! Hey do you think you will be up for visitors on Friday, or would you rather Saturday or Sunday visits??

Sonya and Pete said...

Yeah!!!!!! I know you can't wait... I can't either!!!!!!
Love you soooo much!!!!

Carol and Dan said...

I'm praying for everyone to be healthy! Stick in there! Get some rest (remember, you're going to need it)...................c.

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone....this is Kara's mom.

she's looking beautiful but tired.

Sonya and Pete said...

Just 2 more days!!!!!!!!!!!
I cant wait to get that email full of baby pics!!!!!!! Love you all

The MacDonald Clan said...

We are so excited for you guys. Two boys are so much fun. Our thoughts and prayers will be with you guys and we can't wait to see pictures.

Anonymous said...

Just two more days and you'll have your little boy wrapped up in your arms.. I can't wait to meet him on Saturday!! Talk to you soon..