Jason bakes

Jason decided Sunday evening that he wanted fresh chocolate chip cookies, so he made the decision that he was going to make them, since I was so tired from our day. It was quite a treat for me to watch him do it and watch him make a lot of funny mistakes. First, he started to use powdered sugar for the flour. He thought that it was flour since I did not have my canisters labeled (my fault, but still funny). Then he got mixed up with tsp=teaspoon and tbl=tablespoon. And he used baking powder instead of baking soda. In the end after catching all his mistakes before he started baking the cookies, they came out absolutely delicious!!!! Great job Jason. You can make them anytime you want!


Carol and Dan said...

Love the mit!............c.

Anonymous said...

Jason, I feel for you.. I'm not a cook or a baker by any stretch of the imagination.. Adam does most of the cooking.. Those cookies looked great!
See you soon,

Sonya and Pete said...

He is so CUTE!!!!!!!!!
Way to go Jay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

AL said...

I think your Grandma would have loved to watch you do that. I can just see her looking on you with such pride, like you were finding the cure to cancer. She sure loved you. So do I.