A bunch of photos

Beautiful Jude Jason Tait
Henry holding his brother for the first time.
Sleepy boy

Henry giving kisses to his baby brother.

Henry feeding Jude Jason.
getting ready to go home!
Jude loves to chew on his clothes.
In mommy and daddy's bed
Sleeping in the living room.
Jude and Jason fast asleep last night. A few minutes after this shot Jude was halfway down Jason's lap just about to fall off. I saved his life!!!!


Sonya and Pete said...

I love all the pics!!!!!!
WOW !!!! Jude looks so much like Henry when he was born!!!! An they both look like JAY!!!!!

Cassandra said...

I think he looks like Mrs. Grein. That is what I always get on first glance.

Carol and Dan said...

I think he looks like Henry. Good thing you caught Jude, Kara! I fell asleep with Amya and dropped her over the side of a bed...not a fun night.
You guys look great!.........c.

Hank and Mary said...

Nice, gorgeous baby.

I have pictures here of Jason, when he was a baby. I'm trying to scan them. Hank and I can't help but think that Jude resembles Jason. However, after reading all the comments on this site I am definitely not too sure of myself. Anyway, he is very darling and of course, a very good baby so far. :)

AL said...

Hey is that the basket that all the Donnelly children slept in?? If so, that is so awesome. The circle of life. I think Jude looks like Jude, and I think Jude is one of the prettiest baby I have seen.

TAITx3 said...

Al. Yes it is the basket all the Donnelly kids slept in. I got it when we were in KY. Cass used it for Maisy, then passed it down to me. I painted it and made the bumper pad. I love using it because it has so much history.
I agree, I think Jude looks like Jude, and heck yeah, he's a beaut!!!!

The MacDonald Clan said...

He is so beautiful. I think he looks a lot like Henry. You have two great boys! Isn't it fun.