Weekend pictures

We decided to go to the dog track Sunday afternoon. We thought Henry might like watching the dogs run around the track while we try to win a little cash.
We let Henry pick a dog to win by pointing to the one he wanted. His dog lost big time.
Looking at the dogs walk by.
So we lost money at the track and gained a flat tire and a $200 bill to get two new tires. We have bad luck :(
Henry finally ate a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for the first time along with chocolate milk.

Chicken pot pie that I made the other night. It was darn good.
Cool sunglass boy.


Carol and Dan said...

Yeah Henry! PB&J's are so good (and easy for mom!)! Love your shades, dude!.........c.
(Amya just looked at pictures of you and blew you kisses)

Papa and Grammy said...

First of all, that chicken pot pie looks muy deliciouso! I KNOW Hank would love it if I made him that. I think he would kiss me for weeks...

Secondly, that dog race thing looks like it was mighty fun. Its such a crack up looking at the picture of him picking his very looser dog.

Lastly, what is the ladder doing in your living room? Are you up to a new project?

BTW, Henry, you're cool man.

TAITx3 said...

Well, thank you Mer for comments.
The ladder..... I spent 8 hours yesterday re-painting my crazy purple walls to a much different color. I have no clue what I was thinking painting my walls purple, I don't even like purple!!! I think it had to do with my crazy pregnancy hormones and such. Anyways, I'll be posting pictures later of the finished living room. ~Kara

Cassandra said...

looking at your purple makes me like purple wall even. I think it is because you are a very clean painter.

AL said...

I love how crafty you are Kara, I will never be that crafty. I hate painting.

Thank you Kara for the note and picture of Henry. He is now on my fridge.

I love you Jason Tait family!!!!

Papa and Grammy said...

I will look forward to the new painted wall.

BTW, Kara trully is a very, very neat painter. The purple wall was very nice, but, it wasn't what Kara wanted, so she is changing it. That's quite a drive. I would have "said" I was going to change the color, but, it would probably take me at the very least several months before I did it, but, more like years. Kara, you do great work. :)

Sonya & Pete said...

Hi Kara,
Did henry love the pb&j...
So sorry about your bad luck day!
Pics of henry are sooooooo cute.