Easton Children's Museum

Today we went to the Children's museum in Easton, MA. Henry loved it!


Carol and Dan said...

That looks like great fun! Did he go to the eye doctor as well?.......c.

TAITx3 said...

No, he didn't go to the eye doctor. They have a room that resembles a doctor's office, which I think is kind of weird because kids usually hate that room, but they get to play with all the instruments and such.~Kara

Hank and Mary said...

That looks like a fantabulous day! There are many amenmities in the Boston area that you don't get many other places.

Cassandra said...

I love children's museums. It looked like you guys had so much fun! You guys is good parents.

Children's Museum in Easton said...

Thanks for visiting our Museum!

Our Kidz Clinic is one of our most popular exhibits and we frequetly have Child Life Specialist from the local hospitals come in and lead activities. These professionals help children gain a sense of familiarity of their environment through play and exploration of a typical healthcare facility.

We hope to see you again this summer.

Your pals at the CME


The MacDonald Clan said...

It looks like Henry had a ton of fun. I'll have to take Max to the new children's museum in Saginaw.