Summer time fun! (still officially spring!)

It was another hot one today. Henry and I spent the day in the pool. My mother and brother Michael joined us. The water was so refreshing.


Sonya & Pete said...

HI Kara,
wow the temp. was 105!!!!!
holy cow that's hot. the pool looks great! is it a public pool or your families pool?
You poor things !!!! keep cool this summer. Looks like its gonna be a hot one for you guys.

Hank and Mary said...

I've heard about the heat, but wow wee. That's very hot. I have the same question as Sonya above, whose pool is it? It's awesome to have the pool to keep cool. Keep yourself healthy Kara. :) I know you are, your a good girl. Love you.

TAITx3 said...

The pool..... It's our neighbor's pool that lives behind my parents. I grew up in that pool. They are so kind, they have a fence up around their house and put in a door that we can enter from our back yard. We have use of it whenever we want. We use it more than them!!! It's like owning your own pool without all the work. ~Kara
p.s. Mary, it is my friend Laurene's parents pool.