Taitx3 relocating to City of Champions

Our family is leaving the Merrimack Valley for the South Shore, specifically the great city of Brockton, population 100,000. It's south of Boston and Kara's hometown. Her brother Anthony and his wife Lisa are generously allowing us to live in their second floor apt. on North Main Street. Jason will take a 25 minute train ride to work in Boston. Kara gets to be with her family during the day. It's a good all around move. Brockton is called the "City of Champions" because, in part, two boxing champs come from there: Rocky Marciano and Marvin Hagler.


AL said...

Fantastic!!! When is the big move??

Anonymous said...

I think that it's a wonderful plan. Henry and Marina will be playmates.. I can see it now, summer's in the back yard in the kiddie pool!!
Looking forward to the house warming party!!
Take care,

Papa and Grammy said...

It will be fun, and Henry will have a room of his own! Martina will have Henry and Henry will have Martina to play with!

The Nelson Family said...

Wow! Working in the big city! and Kara with siblings around and cousins! Nice. What is the job? I am jealous of train commuters. Its is such a cool way of getting to work and you can read and you get to talk about the "train" and stuff. Congratulations.