First day of work

Jason has his first day of work today at One Ashburton Place in Boston (the glass building you see). The view from the window is from Jason's desk. The law books were on his desk when he came in. He has a lot of learning to do.


Cassandra said...

wow that looks awesome. so did you bring those law books home to study? Plus am I going to be reading your press releases? Or is it not for the general public

Papa and Grammy said...

I can only see a glass building, No other pictures on this site. It must be this internet service. Anyway, the building looks impressive. Let us know about what Cassandra asked please.


TAITx3 said...

Hi Cassandra: No, I did not bring the law books home, but I did bring some printouts with helpful info. And all press releases will be posted at the Web site, which the public can access. I don't think you'll be too interested in what they say. Dry stuff for the most part. Most of my work will be behind the scenes. JT

Carol and Dan said...

Wow! That looks like a very exciting job! Way to go!
P.S. I can see the yellow background now, Kara.