Farewell Party

Last night was Jason's Farewell party from the Eagle Tribune. It was hosted at his boss Bill's house. Great time has had by all. Jason and his boss Bill
The Haverhill guys
Stephen Jason & Bill
Kara & Henry
Newburyport Taits
Mark & Jason
Jason & Gretchen


Cassandra said...

awwww nice. I have been wondering for a long time, why don't your pictures enlarge when you click on them?

TAITx3 said...

I never knew that Casssandra. I'll look into it. ~kt

Papa and Grammy said...

It looks like a wonderful farewall party Jason. I'm glad your long time friends came out. You will be missed by them.

Carol and Dan said...

Congrats Jason!...seven years is a long time!
Kara, love your hair!..........c.