Croup, day three

Henry has not been eating anything except M & M's during his three days of Croup sickness. We hope today is the last day. We've had some long nights. Sometimes it's scary because his breathing has been labored. For many of you parents, this is nothing. But for us, it's really the first time we've been super concerned for his health. Parents-to-be, such as Brad P. in Somerville and Laurene P. in Brockton, you have all of this to look forward too.

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The Nelson Family said...

the croup is some of the scariest stuff we ever had to deal with with Bear. Everything is scarier at night and when your baby can't breathe it is downright terrifying. Supposedly its fine and sounds worse than it is, but doctors seem really relaxed about a sickness that impedes breathing! Anyways, I feel your fear, I hate the croup.