You're hired

Jason has a new job working for a state agency, the Office of Campaign and Political Finance. The office ensures that candidates and political committees follow the state campaign finance laws. His title is director of information and public education. It means he'll write press releases, provide information to the public and write the office newsletter, among other tasks. He starts on March 10 or 11, ending seven years at The Eagle-Tribune. He asks that people stop referring to him as "Award Winning Journalist Jason Tait" because it's a mouthful. Thank you. Below, Jason stands at attention in a tie and jacket prior to a job interview.


Carol and Dan said...


Anonymous said...

Sooo does it mean that Jason the award winning journalist would rather be referred as Director Tait? Congratulations Jason and yeah God!!! Connie - ma

Cassandra said...

good, I will try to remember your new title. Forget it, its a mouthful.


Cassandra said...

I hope you can take pics of your new office.


AL said...

yeah Jason!!!
I am sooo proud of you. By the way, you look pretty cute in the suit. When do you move out of Newburyport??


The Nelson Family said...

Wow!! Good job dude!!!!!!!!! Congratulations...do you have to move?- Dani