Sunday at the Greins

On Sunday, our little family spend the afternoon at my parents house. My mom made a delicious meal of sirloin strip and potatoes, a good ole sunday meal....
My brother Anthony and his wife Lisa and daughter Martina joined us as well as my brother Michael and Thomas. It was a fine day.
This is a picture of Henry and his cousin Martina playing in my parents living room.
My beautiful mommy cooking her family dinner.
Kara and Martina
When Michael and I were getting our picture taken, Martina decided that she wanted to be in the picture and posed right in front of it
I love my mommy
Henry is usually forbidden to play with computer's, but when he's at his grandparents house, his "pops" let's him play with the keyboard. Michael is helping Henry type.
Jason hiding behind the Comics
My sister-in-law Lisa, Kara, and my mom.


al said...

Kara, Have you lost lots of weight?? You look really good.

TAITx3 said...

I have. Thank you.

Cassandra said...

Wow, wonderful family time. I LOVE it!