Lazy Sunday

The title of todays blog is not Lazy Sunday, like the Chronicles of Narnia from Saturday Night Live. It was the theme for our day.
We went to church this morning followed by yet another yard sale on our way home in which I bought an adorable clutch purse for a couple bucks. Then we just lounged around the house for pretty much the rest of the day. I baked chocolate chip cookies and we watched the Track and Field World Championship. Then Jason and Henry went to go feed the ducks with stale bread from Market Basket while I took a 20 minute needed nap. I am very excited. I am starting my new job tomorrow morning. I'll let you all know how it goes. Now we are wrapping up our evening with a movie playing in the backround "Wicker Park" with a cold glass of milk and a couple cookies.

Clutch Purse & Yummy Chocolate Chip Cookies


Mary said...

Nice purse, I can see you using it...I'd have to scale down a bit, but, hey I do already now with my new grab the needed wallet only when I run in the store now! Hey, I may grow up yet!

Mary said...

lovely day, I love Newburyport! I think I should visit again soon, but with Hank (Dad). He needs to have a fun time relaxing with the ships and boats to look at.

JOB LOVER said...


connie said...

cookies look delicious. henry anthony can i have a bit?