Busy Thursday

I finally did it! I Created a blog! I'm very excited about my accomplishment. I am not computer savvy whatsoever, so this is a big deal for me. So basically, I plan on using this as a daily journal of our exciting life here in Newburyport. You can find out what's going on in our lives day to day. I am excited to update every evening and looking forward to any comments and stories you have. Kara xoxoxoxo


Green_Eyed_Laura said...

Congratulations on your accomplishment! Keep on writing. I love writing myself; it helps me figure out how I feel about those daily happenings that we all have.

BTW - lovely family. My husband of 16 years and our 3 children are what give me joy in daily living.

So jealous of your ocean/mountain proximity! Rather flat and landlocked here, I'm afraid...although I made sure we all got to see the ocean, back in 2004. It was fun!

God bless! Laura

Anonymous said...

You are so creative and motivated. You really inspire me. I hope we get togther soon, next time I want to do the 5K with you!


Liberty said...

Hi Kara,
This is a pretty cool little blog. You guys look so cute in the pictures. I have done one 5k so if you need to do a 5k by the beach come down to San Diego. I am lonely out here with all my family out east..boo-hoo!!! I guess I do have my dog...oh an my parents...heheh!!!

Love you all,

AL said...

This is great.
Cannot wait to be a daily read for me.
Jason, can we hear from you????
You are after all a writer.

taitx3 said...

Oh, you'll hear from me. You'll all hear from me. And you'll be sorry. JT