A lamb dies for Taitx3

Kara grilled a hunk of lamb for dinner, diced it and mixed it into fried rice with eggs. It was delicious. If I was a seminary student, I'd try to make it into a spiritual analogy. Lamb = Jesus. Eggs = birth. Rice = cluttered souls. Soy sauce + sin. Eating it all, well, I don't know ... but I'm sure a smart theologian could make it work. In other news, Kara just cut Stephen's hair so he looks handsome for his interview Monday at the Jackson, Mich., newspaper. We watched Friends as she worked his mane. Linsey almost had a road rage incident against me, Jason. I drove past her today while she was backing into a parking spot. I honked several times and she gave me the "you're an idiot" look and raised her hands in anger, but upon seeing me, she turned her frown upside down. Have a good weekend, everyone.

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Mary said...

This was funny. Hearing about Linsey and the road rage. When we were at Spencer's birthday party today, Cassandra said we had to read Kara's blog today to learn about Jason honking at Linsey. It was a fun read. Sorry to be at your expense Linsey, but, ya have to admit, it was a funny thing...it makes me crack up. :)
Jason, your analogy of Kara's lamb dinner is priceless. You should write a column or something, oh, wait, you do!!!