Random Photos

Dirty Face boy

Brothers enjoying a beverage together

Jude scooting around in his walker in the driveway

Henry loves his bike

Jude finally got a tooth last week

Henry showing off his Sponge Bob Square Pants cookie


Sonya and Pete said...

OMGosh! Kara!
They are getting soooo big!
I love the pics and I can't believe Jude has his little teeth already! Love them sooooo much!

AL said...

That last picture of Henry is amazing. He looks so handsome, like movie star handsome. I am going to put him on my computers background.

Hank and Mary said...

I agree with Lizzy, Henry is the bomb. He is soooo proud of his sponge bob cookie, it so perfect looking, it looks fake.

Little Jude has a tooth, man, the time is flying by, for me at least.