Man, we love this boy

Henry looks just like his mommy with that expression on his face.

  Henry is such a loving boy

Henry is making his own pizza. He loves to cook.

Enjoying a root beer float.

"You don't want to mess with him."


Sonya and Pete said...

He looks sooo much like you! He loves to do anything you do!
Petey loves to sew with me. :)

Hank and Mary said...

Henry is personality PLUS. What a cute and handsome guy, but, he does look like you. He has a bit of both of you in him, but, mostly like you. :) I want to give him hugs and kisses!

Carol and Dan said...

...and when would we have seen that expression on your face? Oh yeah:
"Mail and freight again!?"


CCN MOPS said...

I didn't know Henry was part of the Michigan Militia. Just kidding, he is adorable.